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Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics GmbH
August-Häußer-Str. 10
74080 Heilbronn

Phone: +49 7131 929-0
Fax: +49 7131 929-486

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Astrid Gericke Telefon: +49-7131-929-308

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About us

Products designed for patient care demand the highest level of technical solutions. Constantly growing global markets and new technologies create an increasing number of challenges. The Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics connectors and cable assemblies for medicine technology ensure a safe connection for systems such as sensors and measuring instruments for patient monitoring. Applications used for patient monitoring range from new born monitoring systems, anaesthesia, and intensive care systems to preventive medical check ups and patient transport ambulances. Our connectors bridge the gap between the measurement of the patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen level or heart rate and the diagnostic equipment. In addition to our standard products we also work together with our customers to develop tailor made solutions.

The development of new products, which are based upon the demands of the medical market, is a focus activity of Amphenol. Our broad knowledge base and know how of more than 15 years of experience enable us to offer creative and well thought out interconnect solutions. Early involvement between Amphenol and our customers guarantees a higher degree of quality for newly developed products and a shorter time to market.

Product Information
Automotive – safety restraint system connectors

Safety is for Amphenol the most important concern.To guarantee it we are not only producing the connector but also the complete cable assembly. The 2 pole cable sets are offered as a complete unit.

Circular Connectors

The C091 connectors are used in the areas automation, test measurement & control, medical, sensors and telecommunication. Their proven design and performance make these connectors a recognized industry standard. They are available with screw or bayonet locking system. Receptacles are available for front or back panel mounting and offer a variety of connection possibilities.


In design and conception the program meets the high requirements for applications in industrial technology. Easy operation, reduced dimensions and a more robust design to withstand harsh conditions are only a few of the features of the series. The connector ’s main area of application is in the fields of plant construction and machine building. The connector is principally used for measuring and controlling applications such as the control technology for motive engineering, but may also be used for medical.

medi|mate easy

Long-lasting Push-Pull Mini

medi|mate easy combines compact design with lasting durability

From its series medi|mate easy Amphenol-Tuchel presents new circular connectors with integrated push-pull locking system.

The light weight and robust plastic housing has been designed especially for compact medical applications.

The connector is also suitable for use in different fields such as automation, test, and measurement technology.

The optimized design allows easy cleaning and disinfection of the housing.

The user friendly Push-Pull locking mechanism makes connection and disconnection quick and easy.

Even at high vibration the connector stays safely locked in place.

Intelligent colour marking combined with mechanical coding insures safe and clear mating of the medi|mate easy connector, even whilst under time pressure.

To satisfy different demands a wide range of contact inserts from 2 up to 14 contacts is available for the same housing size. A rated voltage of up to 500 Volts and a rated current up to 10 Amperes are both possible. Novel solder contacts enable an extensive life-span with more than 3,000 mating cycles.

medi|mate easy receptacles are designed for optional front or rear mounting. The cable connector and receptacle include incorporated strain relief and optionally cable support sleeve.

InterComponentWare AG (ICW)
Industriestr. 41
69190 Walldorf

Phone: +49 6227 385100
Fax: +49 6227 385199

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Marketing Anke Rensch, InterComponentWare AG, Industriestraße 41, 69190 Walldorf, Phone: +49-(0)6227-385-116, Fax: +49-(0)6227-385-199

PR Dirk Schuhmann, InterComponentWare AG, Industriestraße 41, 69190 Walldorf, Phone: +49 (0)6227-385-133, Fax: +49 (0)6227-385-199

Company Figures
Number of employees 500-999
Year of foundation 1998

InterComponentWare AG (ICW)
InterComponentWare: Technology for Health

InterComponentWare (ICW) is an international eHealth specialist: At ICW, more than 650 highly qualified experts worldwide focus exclusively on the development and marketing of components for the secure and reliable networking of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, health insurance companies and patients. ICW’s solutions improve process-oriented communication and data integrity and thus the quality of medical care.

LifeSensor Personal Health Record:
LifeSensor is at the center of all ICW solutions. With LifeSensor, everybody can collect, manage and view his or her personal health data in a safe way. LifeSensor is web-based; therefore all information is accessible anywhere, at any time. Where necessary, the record owner can provide this information at any time to his/her GP or medical specialist as well as to physicians in hospitals, to pharmacists, therapists or trainers.

ICW Professional Suite:
ICW Professional Suite offers products and solutions for medical professionals as well as for neighboring disciplines like the fitness sector. These consist of software, hardware and services that are exactly geared towards the demands and requirements of the respective customer.

eHealth Infrastructure:
ICW develops components for a secure eHealth infrastructure, among them for example the ICW Healthcare Connector for the secure linkup of service providers or web-based services.

Professional Exchange Server (PXS)
PXS provides a consolidated view of medical data from different systems and electronic records in hospitals and medical practices. This is made possible by linking local patient data in medical records and an automatic, cross-organizational patient identification, which significantly increases data quality, consistency and availability.

Practice Communication and Documentation Software (PCD)
PCD is the link between the practice management system of a physician and the networked records of the Professional Exchange Server (PXS): Without changing the present practice management system, a joint record can be maintained for each patient with PCD across the entire treatment process, which each physician can access depending on his/her function in the course of treatment. PCD also enables the efficient use of the latest generation of disease management programs or collective care agreements.

Care and Disease Manager (CDM)
CDM is used by health insurance companies for the highly efficient control of processes in disease and case management. Among others, this solution is applied at two large company health insurance funds, BKK Hoesch and BKK VOR ORT. It generates competitive advantage in integrated care, disease management, case management, demand management and telemedical care.

ICW eHealth Framework
ICW eHealth Framework is a powerful environment for the integration and development of eHealth solutions. This allows ICW partners to develop own applications and create integrated solutions for the health care system.

ICW was founded in 1998 in Walldorf, Germany. Subsidiaries are located in Cologne and Berlin/Germany, Zurich/Switzerland, Vienna/Austria, Wayne, Pennsylvania/USA, San Mateo, California/USA, and in Sofia/Bulgaria. The Board of Directors consists of CEO and ICW co-founder Peter Reuschel and Norbert Olsacher.

SI.EM s.r.l. Sistemi Elettromedicali
Via Francesco Soave 11
20135 Milano

Phone: +39 02 5830-4666
Fax: +39 02 5830-4668

Company Figures
Year of foundation 1989
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile
SI.EM s.r.l. Sistemi Elettromedicali
SI.EM Sistemi Elettromedicali was founded in 1989 by a skilled team of professionals with a long a specific experience in sales and service of equipment for urology, gynaecology, paediatric urology.

In few years the company realised that it was very important in a such big market to focus in some specific areas, with its experienced team, the company recognised some important factors on the Market, due to the continuous improvement of life conditions and welfare, the constant increase of life expectations and, subsequently, to the higher request for a better quality of life, and aware of the great importance that uro-gynaecologic pathologies will have in the next years, SI.EM Sistemi Elettromedicali has been working for long time in order to give its offer a better quality in such a specific field, by enlarging its product range.

SI.EM Sistemi Elettromedicali has been specialising for several years (since 1994) in the design and production of sophisticated equipment for the urodynamic diagnosis, which are widely used for the diagnosis of various pathologies involving the lower part of the urinary apparatus, such as urinary incontinence, especially the female incontinence and male prostatic obstruction.

The SI.EM Sistemi Elettromedicali products, autonomously designed and produced, are the most up-to-date and represent a concrete technological proposal in the urodynamic field, they are equipped with a software consisting of special characteristics, some of which make these products extremely competitive and interesting.

An emerging company that wants to become a leading company in the urological medical field, with a particular attention to the age-related problems.

The SI.EM Sistemi Elettromedicali products are at present successfully commercialised in Italy, and their international commercialisation has recently

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