Really hard to do insurance claims?

Understanding of the following would be helpful to the smooth settlement of insurance claims:

1. clearly aware of the need to provide information on what insurance claims, insurance claims in the application, the clerk or to learn more from insurance companies, such as patient medical records, invoices, proof of such pathology in the hospital should be made to retain all the good notes.

2. in the settlement of insurance claims under the conditions of full information, apply for a general settlement of insurance claims within 10 working days will be able to give a clear response, but if they are complex or larger amounts of the payment application, the insurance company will take time for further investigation, it may be necessary documents for details.

3. for the benefit of the beneficiaries is not clear or complicated, the insurance company can not pay in time. Therefore, when entered into insurance contracts, the customer should be clearly set out the proportion of the beneficiaries and the benefit to avoid future disputes.